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Meres and Mosses Housing Association


Meres and Mosses Housing Association have a new development at Pollys Lock, Newport, Shropshire. The properties comprise of:

8 x 1 bedroom flats

14 x 2 bedroom houses                                           

4 x 3 bedroom houses

Properties will be advertised on the bidding cycle commencing Wednesday 12th December 2018.       

All properties are subject to a Local Lettings Plan. 

A local connection to Newport, Shropshire, via residency or employment, is required. Properties are due for completion February 2019.

To apply for a property you must have a local connection to the Newport, Shropshire area. The criteria are as follows:


1. Have been resident in the Town of Newport (the administrative area covered by Newport Town Council) for 12 continuous months at the time of application;

2. Have lived in the Town of Newport for three out of previous five years; or

3. Have close family (mother, father, brother or sister, adult children, or grandparent) who has lived in the Town of Newport for at least three years and continue to be a resident in the Town of Newport or

4. Need to move to the Town of Newport to give or receive care.


An individual will be considered to have a local connection if he/she, or his/her partner, is in employment which meets all of the following criteria:

1. The office or business establishment at which a person is based, or from where their work is managed, is within the Town of Newport;

2. Is in paid employment;

3. Works a minimum of 16 hours per week;

4. Has been employed for a minimum of 12 continuous months at the time of their application and is currently in employment; and

5. Has a permanent or fixed term contract or is self-employed.